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Product Introduction

초음파 결로방지 (라운드형) 센서

Ultrasonic Level Meter

Key Features

  • Built-in temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation
  • Advanced LCD for distinct indication of Level, Temperature, and %
  • Degree: ±0.25% F.S Resolution: 1mm
  • Easy settings for simple operation, post-installation range, contact signal, and indication unit with only 4 buttons
  • "---" shown on the display for measuring disability or converter error
  • Heightened reliability with low-price standard
  • Built-in noise filte

Major Functions

  • Isolation output of DC 4-20mA
  • Indication unit selectable by meter or centimeter
  • Easier calibration of current output and zero-span
  • Tracking rate adjustable from 0.18m to 9m per minute
  • Noise Monitoring

Composition diagram


MODEL  LT-100(2wire)
Measuring method Ultrasonic pulse reflection testing principle
Measuring range 0.3 ~ 6.5 M
Control method CPU control method
Frequency 50 KHz
Degree ≤±0.25% F.S
Beam degree
Outline dimensions Ø93 x 110mm
Output DC 4 ~ 20mA (Load resistance 500Ω)
Resolution 1 mm
Response speed 0.33 ~ 10sec (variable)
Tracking speed 0.18m ~ 9m/min (variable)
Memory backup EEPROM
Mounting Flange Type, >100A
Indication LCD(4 Digit), Level, mA, Temp, %, error
Operation -20 ~ +80℃
Storage temperatue -30 ~ +80℃
Structure IP 65
Sensor Ø86
Material PP
Power DC12~24V(2wire)
Pressure rating -0.3 ~ 1.5kgf/㎠
Conduit G1/2 "
Weight 350g
Headquarters(Factory) : Gunwiqongdangil 97, Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-doTel : +82-54-383-7181FAX : +82-54-383-7188
Institute of Technology : 42, Palgong-ro 45-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea (Esia Polis)Tel : +82-53-383-7181FAX : +82-53-383-7188